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At COMFORT, our goal is to offer a variety of different activities that allow us to help the elderly obtain the best quality of life possible while in a loving and familiar environment. At COMFORT we strive to encourage and motivate each member to participate in different activities that are designed to focus on the following areas: Cognitive, Social, Sensory and Motor. We make sure to account for any factors that can limit the capacity of positive participation in our activities by all members as well as try to include any preferences noted. At COMFORT, we make every effort to provide a variety of topics of interest for our members to participate in. We always consider individual preferences and interests to ensure that a member is fully engaged in any activity that they choose.


Our daily activities are designed to enhance or maintain functionality:

  • Recreational Outings
  • Cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, language, organizational skills, reasoning, etc.
  • Motor skills such as physical movement and body coordination (such as dance, aerobics/Zumba, balance, etc.)
  • Social interaction through important activities, games and topic discussions.
  • Sensory skills involving all the senses by utilizing the arts and other methodology found through studies to make a great impact in this field.
Social Interaction


COMFORT is a safe and loving haven where members can freely express their ideas and opinions while interacting with others. COMFORT offers fun special activities where we include Hispanic customs from all Latin counties from everything to music, games, to Country celebrations. At COMFORT we understand the importance in taking cultural components of each Latin American country to share in each other’s traditions and values. We offer many social driven activities where our members can build strong relationships and fond memories for years to come.


Cognitive Activity


Among the main cognitive abilities, we find memory, language, attention, reasoning, organization, planning and visual perception. These cognitive abilities are key components to living a productive daily life. At COMFORT we understand the importance of cognitive activity within the elderly and provide a series of activities where we can assist our members in maintaining their cognitive abilities intact. Such activities include: group discussions, concentration games, music-led games to reinforce language and memories, etc.


Emotional Support


Our goal at COMFORT is to provide an environment where our members feel happy and safe to express themselves while participating on our all areas of our center. We do our best to listen to the needs of all our members. We offer a variety of recreational activities and programs where we encourage all members to express themselves through our activities such as art projects, classes/group seminars, cognitive activities, social gatherings, parties etc. Our goal is for each member to feel motivated, while encouraging their self esteem therefore strengthening their emotional state for a healthier lifestyle. At COMFORT, we strive to be a reliable place, a second- family support system to assist our elders in this beautiful stage of life.


Sensory Skills Area


The senses of vision, smell, hearing, taste and touch allow us to fully experience and interact with the world around us. Each sense is vital to preserve memories, thoughts (likes/dislikes) and basic functions to make the most out of our daily lives. At COMFORT we offer activities where our members can sense aromas, hear sounds and taste dishes all bringing them back to childhood memories while enhancing social skills with other companions. These sensory driven activities focus on helping our elders with maintaining their mobility, strengthening memory and language skills as well as functional motor skills. We also have programs that involve physical movement with choreography, aerobics and Zumba.


Motor Skills Area


Joint mobility is essential to maintain balance and functional movements especially as we get older. Movements that seem so simple such as sitting, changing positions, gross motor skills, etc. become more difficult tasks with time. At COMFORT we offer a range of activities that strengthen gross motor skills to help maintain all these essential movements intact. For example, we offer activities where members can work with their hands utilizing plaster, paints and knitting/crocheting to help maintain coordination, strength and functional gripping with their hands; all of which are important to have in all aspects of daily living.




Comfort provides the necessary transportation that will help your loved one get to our day care center in the morning. We also have transportation services for return trips to your home in the afternoon. Other transportation services at Comfort include trips to and from:


  • Recreational Outings
  • Inter-Facility Pickups
  • Doctor’s Appointments




At Comfort we offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at no additional cost. We serve a balanced diet with all your needs in mind: healthy, nutritious and delicious. Come and join us for a meal!! We employ a full time nutritionist to oversee and plan our menus to ensure that each member enjoys tasty and nutritious meals and snacks.




We take monthly trips to casinos, parks, apple picking, museums and many other places. We want our members to be entertained and having fun. We always learn so much in all our outings and we give everyone a chance to see and experience life from a different perspective.




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  • Doctor’s Appointment
  • Home attendant Issues
  • Assessment Evaluation
    • Feedback on the condition of the member and monitoring the progress.
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Weight Monitoring
  • Medication Reminder
  • Mail Reading
  • Medicaid Re-Certification
  • Guide to Resources
    • Government programs: SEP, Housing, Cell phone, CD PAP, Food Stamps.
  • Group Support
    • For family members and members
    • Communication between your caretaker and family
  • Referal
    • At this stage in life, our bodies and health start to take on changes. It is important to know that you must act on right away with any changes or health concerns that you may develop. If you need recommendations or referrals we will contact your health plan to make the necessary recommendations.

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